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Full Custom Made Socks

You put so much love and energy into your kit design. Now complete it.

Once you’ve dialed in your Jersey and Bib there’s hardly anything as important as socks to complete your outfit. In summer, when all other accessories remain in your jersey pocket or in the cupboard, the matching sock to the kit shines even more. And in winter it will be the much-needed contrast to ever present and color swallowing grey.

As an important and highly stressed contact point to the bicycle, the quality requirements are justifiably high and CUORE surpasses them all with the new Custom Full Print Lightweight Socks.


Whether it’s through revisiting graphical codes or exploring neo geometrical textures and camos, the CREAM Seoul design touch is unique and immediately recognizable. Perfectly balanced between high creativity and clean execution, the simplicity and efficiency of the pieces make of the them instant classics and these socks as an asymmetric extension of the new camo kit are no exception.

Designed for optimal training on hot and humid days, our Lightweight Socks are a technical masterpiece whose details make a unique wearing comfort possible. The instep features an open mesh construction for maximum breathability and cooling, while the compression strip running across the arch ensures that the fit never loses shape.

L'Étape Australia by Le Tour de France

Since 2016, Down Under is connected to the excitement, beauty, unique riding experience and atmosphere of the most legendary two wheels’ competition in the world.

Colorful road side crowds, demanding mountain stages and the pro-peloton level organization will make you wonder why no one is asking you for an autograph at the end of the day. Therefore, it was necessary to appear in the best apparel to reach the performance level of everyone’s favorite pros and just like them, participates could match their L'Étape Australia kit with a pair of CUORE’s new fully customizable socks.

The footbed is pleasantly soft and completely seamless due to handcrafted kitchener stitched transitions to the toe and heel area providing free of chafing seams and a special weaving process in the upper area ensures that the socks remain on the calf without slipping.

Dandy Narwhals

Can a Narwhal be a Dandy? Absolutely. At least you will find some around the lovely Lola Bikes & Coffee and its Cycling Club in The Hague, Netherlands. Being all about the joy of cycling, sharing real stories, passion, fun and motivation with honesty and sincerity. It reflects the Narwhal’s engagement with the Sea Shepherd Global organization to save the world’s waters and their populations.

The design is massively influenced by Sea Sheppard’s camouflage painted fleet and completes the Dandy Narwhal’s kit of the same design. This is style, performance, and message in perfect balance.

Spread over the entire sock, the yarn used provides a very soft and extremely pleasant wearing comfort without compromising the fit. At the same time, it is highly moisture repellent to support the body's own temperature management.

Hunchback Society

Hunchback Society knows no limits. Not on a bike and neither when it comes to expressing views through design, photography or any other art forms embracing their vision. Their latest design – created by Cocolia Studio’s creative director and artist Mireia Ruiz – has been applied to jerseys, 2-in-1 suits, vests and bib shorts alike, but it is only now complete with the extension for a matching pair of our full custom lightweight socks.

Available in short and long version, our Lightweight Socks keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable from start to finish.

Rennradl München

Based in the Bavarian capitol, Rennradl München [“Cycling Munich”] informs, organizes and gathers all like-minded road cycling locals and expats from all over the world in the Munich area since 2010. The closed 3000+ members-only Facebook group’s code is simple and easy to understand: priority to local activity, no commercial messages, no selfies, no bike beauty shots and no violence. In other words, Rennradln München prefers real life.

Transforming human energy into driving force, the importance of a bike chain is out of question and therefore a corner stone of Rennradl München’s design. Applied as a full print and close to a rider’s crank it’s a great effect to see the chain links literally fly around it. Having both main club kit colors distributed on one sock each reinforces the effect even more.

Ready to complete your kit with your own socks? Get in touch with us now HERE to get all set.