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Facing the New Normal

CUORE Face Covers

“Complete Your Kit” – normally such line refers to the fact that you are adding any missing accessories to your existing kit, such as caps, socks and warmers.

2020 has shown us all that this "normally" in cycling needs an extended definition.

This new normality definitely includes face covers. A small accessory whose significance for sport has been demonstrated at the latest by the fact that it has made team training and events possible again. Whether at rides, registration, start/finish, expos or feeding stations - like an air pump and a water bottle, a face cover is now part of the basic equipment of every responsible athlete.


Sanderbike's creatives have match their CUORE Face Covers perfectly to their tops, so that they fit seamlessly with their custom made CUORE jerseys, vests and jackets.

And so, it's only logical that teams think about the new necessity of a mask when planning their events and kit requirements for the coming seasons. Sanferbike from Spain were among the first to face the new reality with creativity by adding CUORE Face Covers to their existing kit. The illustrations shown here as well as the photos, all of which were taken at this year's The Traka gravel ride in Catalonia, show how well the cycling specialists succeeded in integrating custom made CUORE Face Covers into their overall appearance.

With their intelligent construction, excellent breathability and high wearing comfort in all conditions, CUORE Face Covers, as an addition to your kit, are a big step forward into the new normality of sports.

Not only does it look many times better than disposable masks. It is also much more sustainable to use our washable and therefore reusable Face Covers instead. But most of all we are happy when the starting shot is fired, the mask disappears in your rear pocket and we can see the joy in your faces.

CUORE Face Covers are continuously available in our Online Shop.

Would you like to complete your kit with face covers that fit your team kit and beyond? Then contact us and we will answer all your questions about options, minimum quantities and prices.

All images courtesy of The Traka

Photographer Oriol Batista

Illustrations by CUORE of Switzerland

All rights reserved